Book Review: Gilded Cage by Vic James

Gilded Cage by Vic James was a page turner. From beginning to end, I found myself on my toes and wanting to find out more. I really enjoyed the fact that we got so many different perspectives which allowed us to get a better grasp for the impact that Equals have on the lives of commoners along with understand their history much better.

Take it easy, take it slow.

It’s made me realize that I need to take it easy. Take things slow, because it’s better to live in the moment than live in an unclaimed future. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best. The best student, the best mom, the best version of ourselves. But when do we put…

Ida by Alison Evans

Publish Date: Jan 30, 2017 Bonnier Publishing Australia Echo Publishing New Adult, Teens & YA

Spooktober TBR!

Hi guys! Thought I would share my Spooktober TBR with you guys! I know, I know, October is almost over, but I haven’t gotten a chance to put up a video on my tbr for this month so blog post is second best!

What I’ve Learned as an English Major

There are many things you learn through experiences. As an English major, I’ve learned that experiences and education go hand in hand. Allowing yourself to be surrounded with like-minded people is exactly what is needed as an English student. Being able to relate with others with common questions that “outsiders” ask is a great conversation…

Limited as an English Major…

I’ve always wanted to study Literature ever since I was very young. I just had a passion for reading and learning, and no, I haven’t read every classic novel and I don’t re-read Catcher in the Rye when I’m feeling down. But, I don’t think that sets me apart from any other English major, or Literature lover.

Currently Reading: Eleanor & Park

Just started reading this book and I can’t wait I to finish it! The writing is so nice and the actual development of both of their relationships is so incredibly adorable. I can’t wait to finish it, which hopefully will be soon. When I do, I’ll surely make a review for it, more than likely…

You by Caroline Kepnes

This psychological thriller takes you on a wild ride of emotions from beginning to end.

Anxiety: How to Deal? You don’t.

I was writing a letter to someone after watching their video on anxiety, and the more I wrote, the more I realized how important of a topic anxiety is and how little we pay attention to mental health. The closer I get to graduation, the more and more stressed out I get. I’m not stressed…

Scribd: A Useful, Yet Unknown Tool for Readers

I recently came across Scribd while looking for books that I had to read for one of my courses. Although it was an accidental discovery, it definitely was not unfortunate. For those of you that aren’t aware, Scribd is a monthly book subscription site, similar to Audible. But! There are a few reasons as to…