You by Caroline Kepnes

This psychological thriller takes you on a wild ride of emotions from beginning to end.

20821614When Guinevere Beck finds herself in Joe’s bookstore, he is enamored and intrigued by her. Joe, like any sane and level-minded person would do (ha), used the name on her credit card to find her online after their first interaction. He knows Beck felt the same way since she paid with her card when he saw she had more than enough cash to pay for her purchases. He knows that she paid with her card so that he could see her name, so that he could eventually find her – which is exactly what he does, with just one catch. He finds her online and stalks her to get to know more about her. Beck, in the mean-time, is living her life as a undiscovered writer in university, trying to find ways to get her writing published while at the same time seeking approval from her friends and more importantly, men. Joe is lovestruck and Beck has daddy issues, but that’s just the beginning of their story together.

You was written in first person with Joe’s perspective but refers to Beck as You and is written like that throughout the entirety of the novel, since You is Beck and for Joe, You is everything, it’s always about You.

This novel is extremely interesting and captivating from the first few pages, if not lines. There aren’t many things I disliked about this novel. It was cleverly written and captured each and every character so perfectly. The more the novel progressed, the more I found out about Joe, but since the novel is in first-person and all that Joe thinks about is Beck, there’s only so much we know about Joe’s personal life. However, things that were mentioned in passing gave me just enough insight to safely assume certain things about Joe’s past and why he is the way he is. This is not a novel that I would recommend to teens or to just anyone. I think this is a novel that someone has to go into with a very open mind because it’s fucked up. So many things happened and each and every time I was left shocked and appalled thinking, “Did this REALLY happen?” I had to read over certain scenes a few times because of how calmly Joe does things, as if it’s something that he’s used to doing all the time. His character is so creepy and eerie, but at the same time, I found myself agreeing with his observations of the world and of people, and laughing along certain things he would say. I think the fact that Kepnes is able to do this to her readers says a lot about her writing skills. The fact that I can equally despise yet empathize for a character, and a main character at that, says a lot. Typically, it’s either one way or the other, but with Joe it’s difficult to separate that fine line of emotions because the more you read, the more intrigued you will get, the more you want to know about Joe and what he’s going to do next.

This is definitely a novel I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an interesting read. It’s a psychological thriller that lives up to its name and will keep you wanting more as the story progresses. It was really difficult to rip my eyes off the pages, the lines flowed so seamlessly with one another and each chapter was just left me wanting more. This is one of those books that would do perfectly as a stand alone project, but I do know that there will be an addition to this novel that picks up where You left off. I don’t think it’s essential to read both unless you just want more from the story, which I do so of course I’m going to get my hands on that once it’s out, if it’s not already!

If you’ve read this book already, let me know! I would want to add more to this review but I don’t want to spoil anything so I would love to talk about it with those of you that have read You already. If you haven’t, what are you doing??!?!!? Go and read it then get back here so we can talk about it! This novel has 52 chapters but are extremely short, and once you get past the first few and get into the nitty gritty of it, those chapters will fly by. I kind of prolonged the reading of this book just so it wouldn’t end, it was that good! I then caught myself speeding through the last few chapters JUST so I could know what the hell is happening! But anyway. Let me know what you thought of this book, I’d love to share my spoiler filled thoughts of this novel with you guys. I will also be posting a review for this novel up on my Youtube Channel which you can find here. That review might be a little more detailed or have different things I didn’t quite get to add on here or felt that it would translate better verbally than written, so you can check it out once it’s up if you want a bit more insight on my thoughts for this novel.


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  1. Loved this book! I listened to the audio, and the voice of Joe is so creepy. I listened to Hidden Bodies too! Loved them both and can’t wait for another one 💕


    1. stephmesaa says:

      Yes! I’ve heard that the audio is reeeaaallllyyy creepy, so I’ll probably listen to that soon 😉 Although I don’t really think a second book was necessary but I’m still going to read it nevertheless. ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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