Ida by Alison Evans

Publish Date: Jan 30, 2017

Bonnier Publishing Australia

Echo Publishing

New Adult, Teens & YA

In this story we follow a young girl named Ida who has the ability to go back in time. However, she does not know exactly how she’s able to do it. Slowly, Ida begins to feel herself acting strangely, not able to control her ability, or even at times, herself. She finds her ability just as second-nature to her, not necessarily questioning it as much as she does take advantage of it. With this, trouble begins to arise for Ida. She’s beginning to see doppelgänger’s of herself, waking up in different versions of her own life, Ida is forced to come to terms with what is happening while struggling to find herself back to her own life before it’s too late.

This storyline took me on a wild ride from beginning to end. I didn’t know exactly what to expect when going in to reading this book, but I found the further I got into this read, the more complicated things got for our main character. The storyline is incredibly unique and creative, we’ve got characters that are incredibly charming and interesting in their own ways. The pacing moves in a way that’ll make you want to keep reading. It’s not necessarily slow, but it does take a bit of time to pick up. What I enjoyed is that you learned things as our main character does since there’s not much backstory on her ability due to Ida not really know much about it herself. With that being said, the story doesn’t really pick up until Ida realizes what is happening and why she’s acting the way that she is, and this probably doesn’t come up until a little bit into the book.

The concept of time travel and the doppelgänger’s was well-done, nothing was overly complicated or too intricate. I think Evans played it safe by doing this since our main character was completely clueless about her ability until later on, and I do find that the story ends in a way that might lead up to a second book that might include more technicalities of these abilities. We do get another perspective from a much more knowledgable character who is trying to track Ida down to tell her what is happening, this character gives us just enough insight to provide us  with some of the answers that we were wondering.

We had scenes filled with action, suspense, and tons of curiosity. Ida is extremely personable and lives a fairly relatable life. I enjoyed the integration of different genders within this book, I definitely agree that this is more of a New Adult genre than anything else. Although I did enjoy reading this book, I do wish it was a bit longer and included more to the story. I think this was a good set-up if she were to write sequel, so hopefully that is the case. The story did come to a complete circle and the resolution was pleasing to read, but with that being said, I do think that there were a lot of specifics that were kind of glazed over. I would definitely recommend giving this a read, it is a fairly quick and easy read with a pleasurable conclusion. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars because I still feel like there was a lot missing that could have been useful to integrate into this novel, but I did enjoy reading it and I would definitely read more of Evans books. If a sequel were to be released, it would be something I would pick up!

If you read this book, let me know what you think! I’d love to hear it.


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