Scribd: A Useful, Yet Unknown Tool for Readers

I recently came across Scribd while looking for books that I had to read for one of my courses. Although it was an accidental discovery, it definitely was not unfortunate.

For those of you that aren’t aware, Scribd is a monthly book subscription site, similar to Audible. But! There are a few reasons as to why Scribd is much, MUCH better than Audible:

  • It’s $8.99
  • They have books, audiobooks, comics, and music sheets
  • It’s $8.99
  • You get a 14 day trial
  • It’s $8.99
  • You get a credit a month for a audiobook (I’ll explain further)
  • It’s $8.99!!!!!!!

If you can’t tell, the price is definitely what got me to keep the subscription. Because, honestly I could find the ebook for certain books at a cheaper price, but it doesn’t beat having over hundreds of books at your disposal (for just $8.99!!). The only issue, if you can even call it that, that I have with Scribd is that for audiobooks, they’re not all free. Some audiobooks you have to use a credit on, or pay an additional $8.99 I believe to get access to that one audiobook. That would be my own issue or dislike, because what makes them so different that I have to pay for it!?!? But, nonetheless, I do understand that this website can’t just go offering me every single thing for free, but a girl can dream!

Why I like Scribd more than Audible is because you get double the selection for a few dollars less. Another downside to Scribd is that not every single book is on there. I’m sure Audible has a wider selection of newer books, but that’s also because Audible is a bit more well-known than Scribd. Which is unfortunate. But, the selection that Scribd has is pretty good. What is also great is that a few of the books that I have to read for class are already on Scribd. I’m sure if it were a more popular site we would have more of a selection of books, but either way, I’m impressed! The fact that I was able to find books for class on here makes me really happy that I don’t have to spend too much on books. However, I must add, I am studying English, so a lot of books that we have to read aren’t textbooks, they’re typically works of fiction/non-fiction. But if you are also an English major or take classes with a similar itinerary, then Scribd might be a good start to search for those books.

If I have more to say about Scribd (which I’m sure I’ll do) I’ll either update this post, make a video on it, or make a more updated post so keep your eyes peeled!

– Steph M.


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